Now enrolling: Tenants for the future of living.

Later this year we will be launching Maker Town, our co-living arrangement within Maker Life, this will be our pilot-site established together with our guardian and architect partner.  The site will feature both the more traditional guardianship-style living arrangement and the use of high-tech well designed indoor living pods that are able to be placed in bigger warehouse-type locations.  In some locations, these types of living will be combined.   The kitchen and bathroom facilities will be shared and there is common living space, well designed making use of the latest pop-up furniture designs and where possible even robotic furniture will be incorporated.

The spaces will be managed by our stewards who are specially recruited to keep the community and spaces in top shape and they can do so all around the globe. Being a steward with Maker Life means you have all access to any Maker Life location.  Besides our stewards, any person living in Maker Life is responsible for keeping the quality of our spaces and the community to commonly agreed standards.

We are currently in the process or recruiting our stewards, and if this is something that might interest and benefit you, please check out the landing page for the details and how to sign up.  We’ll get you in contact with one of our team members.  On top of that, we have a great deal going with our guardianship partner, if you decide to join Maker Life you can jump the cue for one of their listings, and find yourself a nice living location in central London without effort.

We will have more information about our first site, partnerships and stewards up shortly.