Questions we thought you might ask...

How do we know this will work?

• Previous incarnations have worked
• Co-living, in particular, is a growing trend
• Business plan based on research and pilots (both success and failures)

How does this help society?

• Lower cost of living
• Helping people transition into the future of work
• Providing a route for training on the job with housing
• Happier voters and stakeholders
• Way for businesses to transition and help employees and customers to innovate cost effectively
• Opportunities to help civil society scale models

Where did this idea come from?

• Evolved from the first versions and the challenges and the solutions in creating them, this became the start of an ecosystem
• Inspiration from sources like the monasteries and other more recent communities and examples
• Based on what’s missing in the existing and coming alternatives

Who will lose and benefit from this?

• Benefit: Those left behind by 21st-century society and in transition and those ruined for the ordinary will benefit
• Lose: Those who feed off the low pay, high-cost rental, unproductive financial global model to monopolize surplus
• It’s a self-sustaining and replicating model which decentralizes power and resources

How can this be adapted for local conditions?

• Lots of freedom through Teal
• Global platform to help modify model through local tests
• Opportunities to fork off Maker Life over time to create adaptions

How do I give to this?

• There are many different ways to give, either as an investor in the global platform, through a regional license, or in individual sites and projects.
• Our priority right now is to work with patient and aligned earlier stage investors to build global platform and pilots.
• Over time we will develop ways to give charitably, invest via social bond structures and via initial coin offerings

Can I have one in my town?

• Potentially, nominate here
• Sign up and get trained up
• Find partners and potential team

What are your criteria for launching hubs?

• Still under development
• Has need
• Has available empty space
• Ideally could provide low-cost living for initial group to build hub there
• Local partners

How do I get involved as an individual?

• Sign up to stay in touch here
• Consider going to a training hub for a season
• Be an ambassador

How do we define success?

• Influencing the culture of the world to address the need to help people live life to the full
• Touching the lives of 10 percent of the world’s urban population
• Self-sustaining and replicating model which decentralizes power and resources

How can I help shape this?

• Sign up to stay in touch
• Join a local hub or initiative linked to Maker Life
• Consider launching a hub and coming in to existing ones somewhere in the world to get trained


We are currently looking for fearless individuals, partners, and groups to join our movement to help bring the Maker Life ecosystem to the ends of the earth.

Could that be you?

I hereby agree that a member of Maker Life will get in contact with me via email