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If your ears have perked up, if you’re eyes have widened, if your heart has begun to beat a little harder, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for people like you to strengthen our team and positively impact society together.

Maker Life was created with the future in mind, the work that we put in now will impact the next generation for as long as people commit. Which is why we need likeminded people to join us and make the effort strong enough, generating a lasting impact. A positive change for communities worldwide can only be sustained if it is owned by all of us.

Please use the form below or email us by clicking here. We look forward to finding out who you are and how we can work together. For more information on the project please refer to the Whitepapers, a link can be found in the footer menu, or view one of our walkthrough videos. For more in-depth information please book a call with our team. We can help you to better understand the concept and discover together what role you can play in all of this.


We are currently looking for fearless individuals, partners, and groups to join our movement to help bring the Maker Life ecosystem to the ends of the earth.

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