Making time for what matters

Our coworking solutions are about much more than creating deskspace. We work with partners to transform spaces into an oasis of activity and houses of rest; because work is most productive when it does in flow and as part of life as a whole. Find out more about how we make time for what matters through our Maker Wharf framework.

Maker Wharf offers a solution to busy space-owners who are looking to generate flexible shared income and a solution for partner organizations who need on-demand localized space to serve their communities. Together with the space owner and our network of partners we create productive spaces for the future of work through a systemic appraisal of underutilized space.

With our partners, we work to bring in paying anchor organizations that help secure and sustain spaces. Maker Wharf and its partners advise space owners on how to curate and set up coworking leveraging our expertise. We then bring Makers into the spaces through its own network to help raise productivity, steward the culture, and manage the space.

Find out below more about some of our recent and historic projects.

"A friendly community co-working environment. It's a joy to work from Maker Wharf."

Christopher Symes

CEO - Tinywolf

A great way of maximising space usage.

This is an example of a co-working space we have previously helped set up in Bethnal Green, utilising the main hall of a church building in partnership with a church in East London. The coworking popup took place Monday to Friday to free up the space for use at weekends (and evenings when there were bookings). Maker Life helped to advise on events and brought in corporate, tech, and charitable members, self-managing users and partners to help make use of the space on both a paid and non-paid basis to help build and serve communities in and around the building. Interested and want to find out more? See how we could work together with you whether you are a Space-owner, Partner, or Maker.

Nominate your city program

Where would you like to see Maker Life next?

We are excited to announce our Nominate Your City program where we together can make a difference in your area. We would like to explore together with you what it looks like to successfully impact communities in cities around the world, and how we can help you achieve this. Does this interest you? Sign up below.