How do we know this will work?

  • Previous incarnations have worked
  • Co-living, in particular, is a growing trend
  • Business plan based on research and pilots (both success and failures)

How does this help society?

  • Lower cost of living
  • Helping people transition into the future of work
  • Providing a route for training on the job with housing
  • Happier voters and stakeholders
  • Way for businesses to transition and help employees and customers to innovate cost effectively
  • Opportunities to help civil society scale models

Where did this idea come from?

  • Evolved from the first versions and the challenges and the solutions in creating them, this became the start of an ecosystem
  • Inspiration from sources like the monasteries and other more recent communities and examples
  • Based on what’s missing in the existing and coming alternatives

Who will lose and benefit from this?

  • Benefit: Those left behind by 21st-century society and in transition and those ruined for the ordinary will benefit
  • Lose: Those who feed off the low pay, high-cost rental, unproductive financial global model to monopolise surplus
  • It’s a self-sustaining and replicating model which decentralises power and resources