Making sense of what matters

Our Maker Year programmes support those undergoing life transitions to access the self-knowledge, housing and work they need to build a better future for themselves and those they love, without falling into debt during their training - creating pathways into co-ownership. Find out more about how to make sense of what matters through our Maker Year framework.

Maker Year provides an opportunity to train the Makers of tomorrow. Our programmes are designed in partnership with agencies, non-profits, and employers with an eye on the future.

Through our partners, we are able to offer a variety of work opportunities within a range of sectors focusing both on the current job market and its future. Those joining Maker Year partner programmes can enjoy affordable living solutions, immediate entry to work, and places to train and in community with others giving them exposure to the world of entrepreneurship, future technology, and creativity. This ecosystem enables our Makers to thrive today and to be future-proofed for the automated world of work tomorrow.

Our aim is for anyone who joins Maker Year to have a more fulfilled life, a heart to serve society and to be better prepared for what’s ahead. Upon completing Maker Year, eligible individuals are invited to join our elevator programme and become a Maker within Maker Life’s wider ecosystem, serving communities, and the space owners whilst having the financial capacity and time to pursue their longer-term dreams with confidence.