If you own a piece of land or a building that currently sits empty we’d like to propose that you’re sitting on a spring of opportunity.


A different way to use your space

You’re probably told that a lot?

We’re suggesting an opportunity for something different, perhaps something great.

It will lower costs and could create opportunities for income generation. You’re buildings will be in safe hands, vibrant hands, hands wanting to make a difference.

At the very least it could be a place of perpetual growth for its inhabitants, and have greater footfall and favour with the local neighbourhood, and even help enhance the value of what you own.

Our plan is to create ecosystems of popup to longer term spaces that bringing life into places that are currently unoccupied and awaiting redevelopment. The spaces will be owned by people who would like to see them used for the extraordinary, on an interim or long term basis, but who understandably do not want hassle or trouble or to incur liabilities or costs.

We act as a space-making agency for landlords, developers, investors, and others who own or have an influence over underutilised spaces. We can bring in solutions, initially on a meanwhile basis, to turn them into hubs for work, or living, or learning, or any mix of the above. With our many years of expertise, we can help space owners find the right solution, and through our partners bringing in the software, hardware, and culture, to bring spaces to life for however long they are available.

We hope this perks your interest. If it does we’d love to hear from you. We have worked in the past and continue to work with landlords, prime tenants, investors, government, and even churches and want to partner with those who align with our values and vision.