Are you looking for simplicity? Perhaps you’re even desperate for a life with space to breathe?

We’re creating spaces for people to experience shared living in distributed villages in and outside of major urban centres around the world, starting in the UK. Opening up time for the things that really matter and are currently forgotten, and bringing clarity and direction to people’s journeys through life.

High living costs are enough to keep talented individuals away from solving problems and discovering unexplored solutions in our societies and communities. We are creating a solution to that for those open to going on the journey with us. For those who need a transition in life, we also want to create a springboard into lives remade.

By radically reducing the cost of living and expanding our view of the ‘home’ we are inviting people to join a movement of sharing – sharing of space, of purpose, and of time. Our Makers will be freed up to innovate, serve, think, and improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

What’s the catch? Well our Makers and their families will be asked to help guard, steward, bring life into, and serve for part of their week (on average up to a day a week), to help restore and manage spaces for work, living, and learning. They will also be invited to join our Gym of Rest and help build a more restful culture.

In exchange they will get to enjoy some of the most affordable ways of living, working, and learning globally in the major cities of the world. Naturally, we don’t have all the answers – but we believe that you might! Those who dare to step out of the endless rat-race of salary, rent, bills, and stress, will be invited to step into something greater than themselves. Purpose. On demand.

It won’t be without its challenges, but we’re looking for people who will look at a problem and be excited about the solution. Different people will bring different skills and passions. Some will help curate our spaces and look after the community, others will operate nomadically in exchange for carrying out common and specialist tasks, and others still will help elevate those around them.

If this resonates, and if you are up for the challenge then we invite you to find out more at one of our regular roundtable and taster events and sign up at a local partner near you to see if there is a fit.