At Maker Life we are inspired by those who have gone before us. Our mission is to build a new open ecosystem for living. Join our movement to help millions transition to a life lived to the full.


How it works

Maker Life is an evolving platform utilizing hardware, software and cultureware to see spaces and communities in and around city clusters transformed. Find out more by clicking through to see our solutions for co-working, co-living and co-learning.

Operating out of the great cities of the world, and the surrounding areas which they influence, we focus on three fundamental activities – learning, living, and working.

The ultimate aim is to create environments that shift expectations and mindsets from the status quo toward continuously improving models for life that are more cost-effective, efficient, and transformational.

Our partner spaces are stewarded by a multitude of Makers, people ruined for the ordinary who want to help improve today’s society. People with a long-term determination to help shape culture and to create a better life for themselves as well as for the generations to come.

Through strategic partnerships, we seek to develop a professional and holistic service in the areas of learning, living, working and lifestyles. Together with these partners and local space owners, we aim to see cities and communities transformed, connected, and revitalised.

Our Story

“There was not a needy person among them.” In centuries past people have yearned to be part of communities that were simpler, that shared more and which enabled them to devote themselves to that which matters most. It is time to be inspired by these ancient yearnings, and the communities that were birthed out of them, and bring them back into the 21st century.

Some found their calling to be together and for a time fostered environments that were truly extraordinary and family friendly. The Celtic monastic movement was one, as were similar movements as far afield as Ethiopia.

These ultimately gave birth through the centuries to universities and to communities such as Little Gidding in more recent times. Over the years villages and towns grew up around and alongside such communities.

These became centres for training and learning, for innovation, and sources of simpler living which are still with us today. They were places where relationships were deep before they were wide, where old and young, male and female could fellowship across racial and class divides. Places which people today are yearning for once again.

We began by desiring similar solutions but adapted for modern life. Why? Because technology and globalisation have eroded the prospect of sustainable work, and housing costs and shortages have created greater divides between those that have and those that do not. Because more and more people are being left behind by the tremendous advances of our digital world – just as people were left behind by the industrial revolution in the days of Booth and Shaftesbury.

Starting in a small East London canalside unit in 2014, and then expanding into a church hall, our early experiments to explore the future of work have quickly widened into developing training pathways and new forms of housing for single people and families in recognition that it is not enough to have somewhere to work if you cannot afford to live, nor is it possible to survive if you have not got any work at all and cannot continuously train to build a sustainable portfolio of income sources and experience freedom in these areas of life.

Ultimately, we have learned that changing our mindsets and living a different way is key. By reassessing our relationship with time, space and purpose we are learning to free ourselves up more for what matters most in life – to pursue the artistic, entrepreneurial, spiritual callings we have – to become Makers in the broadest sense of the word not only seeking to live life to the full, but to also help others overcome and have a better Rhythm for their lives as well.

And the end goal? Well back in the day ten per cent of the known population around some of these communities engaged with and were influenced by them, and it was enough to save the known world from the chaos that reigned at the time. If a similar percentage or greater could be transformed, then we start to make a difference to cities, areas, and nations that today once more face great challenges and which once again need the Maker to help restore them to be the places of refuge, healing, and prosperity they were always intended to be.

Gym of Rest

With so many different ways to contact and connect with each other in this digital era, it can be hard not to be distracted and to keep the focus on the task at hand. Our Gym of Rest aims to help those in our partner spaces develop better Rhythms for life so they can better eat, sleep, work, and rest – and focus on that which matters most.

The Gym of Rest offers a way of working that aligns with the most recent research on how to bring rest into the workplace, where members follow a voluntary Rhythm designed collaboratively to increase personal productivity and reduce stress. Each of our partner spaces is stewarded by groups who seek to support each other through the Gym of Rest to get away from digital and other distractions and come together to learn, socialise, and to make a difference. For those needing to access breakthrough, experts are on hand on a paid basis to provide coaching and help in areas such as nutrition, personal training, virtual assistance, emotional therapy and in dealing with digital and other addictions.

The ultimate goal is to help people find Rest and improve well being, so they can make time for what matters. Our aim is to support each Gym with physical infrastructure and well-designed spaces that can facilitate these healthy rhythms, building on some ancient practices that have been proven to work.

Gym of Rest core concierge members will have the benefit of being able to access any and all Maker Life sites around the globe for the same affordable price, in exchange for up to a day of their time helping steward each partner space and the communities in and around it – freeing their time and resources up to earn a living sustainably, and to pursue the callings and dreams that are on their heart.

Join us

You can join and strengthen the Maker Life team and movement in multiple ways: as a partner, a space owner, and as a member Maker. Start your journey today to find out more about how you and the organisations you influence can join with us and how we can help you.

Get in touch if you are a space owner and would like to find out how your space can get you better return while serving society. Also, if you are interested in our partner programme and would like to explore ways you can partner with Maker Life through its activities.  Let us know if you are interested in becoming a member of Maker Life (or what we call a Maker), keen to serve the community with your time and your skills, whilst being liberated to pursue your calling and dreams in life.

You may also be part of a group that has been yearning to create something like Maker Life in your area, but have struggled to know where to begin. Let us know what your dreams are and if enough people want to see it happen, we can take that into account as we expand globally with our local partners.


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